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Aerial view ocean sandy beach and coniferous forest drone landscape in Norway above trees

 A dynamic team of   creators challenging 
 the status quo 


Catalyse the transition to a sustainable future

Foresight was founded with the intent to guide business and government to a sustainable future.

Our people are the key to unlocking new and bold ideas. Our digital edge is the catalyst that brings those ideas to life and enhances our solutions and the client experience.
Our philosophy is centered on the foresight mindset. In all our work we consider the weight of the past, the push of the present and the pull of the future. 
Our goal is simple. We help businesses and governments shape their purpose, transform for the better and realise real and lasting impact. 



We embrace innovation, solve the most complex problems and move with the transformation.


We act with integrity, our interactions are genuine and we are trustworthy.


We listen and understand, seek and respect perspective and treat all equitably.


We are responsible, act with good judgement and own our actions.


We believe strongly in the need for a sustainable future. We are committed to doing our part and enabling others to do theirs.


We care for one another, our clients and our collaborators. We are driven by a desire to help.


Founding Director

Josh is the Founding Director of Foresight. With over 10 years experience advising many of the ASX200 and multinationals on climate change and sustainability, Josh is a leading advisor on strategy, risk management, governance, reporting and assurance. Josh previously held positions as Director in EY's Climate Change and Sustainability Services practice and Senior Director of ENGIE Impact's Sustainability Solutions practice responsible for establishing and growing ENGIE's strategic and technical consulting services in Australia.


Bachelor of Environmental Science (Hon I)
Monash University


Registered Greenhouse and Energy Auditor
Registered Climate Active Consultant

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